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We always provide the best qualified products to the market and this is our consistent pursuit. Since the establishment, we have put creative design, advanced manufacture, qualified product to be our quality philosophy. All the staff in Wanshun has followed the Quality System of ISO9001.
When we design a product, we always put product quality in the first place. We focus on the products creation but never forget to follow up the safety specification standard and require our products quality to be even higher than the standard during the products development. When we design and develop a new product, we always consider the proper product design for manufacturing and evaluate the quality risk during mass production. Furthermore, we have built up a completed manufacture management system which includes process design, process validation, process improvement etc. With this system we have realized the standard manufacture process and continuous improvement in our production.
We have an integrated quality management department and a team of professional quality staff. Furthermore, we hold kinds of quality training time by time in the factory in order to enhance the quality awareness of all the staff in the company. At the same time we have invested heavily to different kinds of testing equipments and set up our own safety specification laboratory. With all these qualified software and hardware, we have passed the quality management system and our lab has got the authorization earlier than other factories.